Marine Surveys

Condition and Value Surveys

The Condition and Value Survey is often required by your insurance company every 5 years or when you purchase a boat. The survey report will offer a market value of the boat based on comparisons of other same or similar models and years. Equipment, upgrades and of course the condition of the boat are also considered in determining the value. All of the systems will be checked for function and safety when possible. Transport Canada and ABYC standards adherence is at the basis of the report

A survey is a snapshot of your boats condition the day it was surveyed. The report can also serve as a 'to do' list of maintenance items to work from.


The base rate is $26 a foot. This rate is adjusted for the complexity of the boat. Smaller open boats cost less while large boats with complicated systems require more time and cost more. Travel charges can also apply for work outside an 80 kilometer radius at a rate of 60 cents a kilometer.

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Experience and Accreditation

45 years working the marine industry

Collaboratively built over a thousand boats

Designed several boats

Society of Accredited Surveyor

ABYC Accredited Systems Technnician

"My first job was at Tanzer Industries installing deck fittings and diesel engines. 50 years later, I have surveyed some of the same boats I had built in those early days!


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